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If you consume mainstream media and have no alternative narrative of history or the current mechanics of society, then I assert that you know nothing about the real world. I know this may seem like a harsh indictment. So, if you are not ready to face the cold hard facts of the real world and make the tough choices, please return to the temporary safety of your dream world.

Let me explain my understanding of why most people are not focused on what is best for everyone, including themselves.

What is truly best for you, is also best for everyone else. What is truly best for everyone else, is also best for you. To think any other way is to be in the grip of the mass mainstream hallucination (AKA the matrix) that life is a zero-sum game. If you think that others must lose something for you to gain something, you are pursuing the wrong things.

Making the world a better place does not mean that you must sacrifice what is best for you. The only way to be truly happy and fulfilled is to live in a world that works for everyone.

I think in terms of three basic levels of human evolution:
Survival: Just like the animals, some people just want to live to see another day. Today in the West, it’s mostly the percieved threat of death or poverty.
Happiness: Once we are no longer living in fear of death (or poverty), we seek pleasure. This is about the individual. ‘What’s in it for me’ thinking.
Fulfilment: Once we are truly happy and secure, we start to look outside ourselves. Fulfilment comes from adding value to others.

Mainstream media appears to be designed to keep people in survival or happiness mode. It keeps people here by giving them things to worry about and indoctrinating them with all the wrong ideas about where to find happiness, e.g. entertainment, retail therapy, escapism, etc. i.e. outside oneself. These things are not ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ they just don’t lead to happiness.

Happiness is not elusive as most people seem to think. Happiness is our natural state. Disharmony is your brain out of balance. The deprogramming/harmonising process is simple:
1) Unplug from mainstream media and stop spending time with those that are still plugged in.
2) Watch, read and listen to healthy material and spend time with like-minded people.

Once deprogrammed, you will be happy, healthy with great relationships. All your basic needs are satisfied. Now you seek fulfilment which you get in spades by adding value to others.

I said it was simple. I have no illusions about how hard, nigh impossible this would be for most people. If eliminating the ‘bad’ programming just seems like too far a stretch, a slower route is to simply bombard yourself with healthy inputs to drown out the harmful ‘bad’ programming.

People talk about ‘do-gooders’ in a disparaging way. This is because ‘do-gooders’ are out of integrity. They are trying to jump into fulfilment behaviour before they have achieved true happiness. They are struggling to be happy themselves and masking it by trying to help others. It doesn’t work. It can even give ‘doing the right thing’ a bad name because it appears so false.

Truly helping others, not helping someone cross the road, but really listening to someone, coaching, guiding, mentoring them out of the matrix requires a level of presence most people don’t have.

If your life is about finding happiness, focus on that. That is what is best for everyone. When you have true happiness, health and relationships will follow. Then you will naturally gravitate towards fulfilment and you will be available to help others in a way that you cannot when your real focus is on your own happiness.

The way I see it, those that are seeking fulfilment are available to guide everyone else out of the matrix. Those that are seeking survival and happiness need to get unplugged and/or seek out someone seeking fulfilment to guide them out of the mass mainstream hallucination.

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Mike Freeman
Mike Freeman

Mike provides free talks & webinars on entrepreneurship, happiness and freedom. He is also an expert at finding and creating the relationship of your dreams having actually done so himself with his wife of 10 years. Mike's passion is coaching people from idea to world-changing, value-adding entrepreneurial success. Mike believes everyone has an entrepreneur inside and when people learn to satisfy their basic needs for happiness, health and relationships, there is a natural evolution towards entrepreneurship as a vehicle to achieving true fulfilment in life by adding value to the world.