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So, you can’t pay your staff, your company is going bankrupt, you feel like it’s all your fault and you haven’t told your meaningful other yet! Does that sound like a serious problem?

Here are ten seriously great steps to solving this and any other problem in your business or your life…

1. Clarify It

Is it just one issue or more than one that you have collapsed into one big issue? Break everything down into the smallest parts and find solutions to each.

In our example, there are four issues. Tackle them one by one. Why is your company going bankrupt? If you didn’t have to pay the staff, you weren’t beating yourself up and your wife was on board to support you, could you turn the company around and make it profitable again? If not who can you get onboard to help you? If my example is close to the mark, call me, seriously.


2. Add Perspective

What is the worst case scenario if you do nothing? If you can own that outcome, great! It means you can relax right away. Your brain works best when you are relaxed. This is always a good opportunity to confront your fears. Buddha says there are two types of fear, real and irrational. One is the tiger that will eat you, the other is just in your mind. Almost everything we confront in modern society is irrational fear. There is no tiger.

Our example is no exception. Many might consider suicide in this situation but many more have been here and come back from it stronger than before. What doesn’t kill you often does make you stronger, if you learn from it?

3. Relabel It

We hate problems but we love challenges. We play games because they are challenging.

This too, is just a game, albeit a high stakes game. Excitement and fear are almost indistinguishable. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of what you call it.

4. Reframe It

As well as calling it a challenge, you can also call it an opportunity. Whatever the outcome, there will be a least one learning experience here. Entrepreneurs learn best through failure. Failure is not the end unless you say it is.

5. Own It

When we ask the universe for X, but we are not ready for X, the universe will provide us with the learning experiences we need to become the person we need to become to have, be or do X. When things don’t go your way, just remember, they are the learning experiences you asked for to take you closer to your goal. Embrace them all.


6. Share It

All the time you spend on this issue is time taken from the value you provide the world. Everyone benefits from you being back on track. Reach out to others. The goal is to get back on track ASAP. Give others the opportunity to support you. It’s win-win.

If the company is sound but you just can’t pay your staff because of a freak cashflow shortage. There is nothing to lose by telling your staff everything and inviting them to invest in your company. You might lose a chunk of equity but that’s better than losing everything.

7. Shift Your Focus

Focus on the on the solution, not the problem. Put yourself in the future after you have resolved everything in the best way possible. How do you feel? Focus on that.

8. Take 100% Responsibility For It

Did you bring this on yourself? Can you trace the source of this situation back to one or more things you did or didn’t do? Take 100% responsibility for your actions and choices. If you do, you will be emotionally free and present to tackle this issue effectively.

9. Have Faith

I’m not talking about religious faith although that would work just as well. I’m not religious. I have faith that I always get what I really, really want, in the end.

Sometimes, this means getting what we are trying so hard to avoid, because that is the fastest route to what we really, really want. If you are no longer enjoying your business, this might be your opportunity to get out and not just by walking away. There are people out there that have ways to turn around the most desperate of situations.

10. Sleep On It

Not only is rest a good idea but people who put their brain to work on finding a solution before bed will often wake in the morning (or even during the night) with either a partial or complete solution. Practice this, you may surprise yourself.

I hope these steps help you to become a better problem solver. Afterall, that’s what entrepreneurs are.

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Mike Freeman
Mike Freeman

Mike provides free talks & webinars on entrepreneurship, happiness and freedom. He is also an expert at finding and creating the relationship of your dreams having actually done so himself with his wife of 10 years. Mike's passion is coaching people from idea to world-changing, value-adding entrepreneurial success. Mike believes everyone has an entrepreneur inside and when people learn to satisfy their basic needs for happiness, health and relationships, there is a natural evolution towards entrepreneurship as a vehicle to achieving true fulfilment in life by adding value to the world.