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Do you feel like there is more to life & you have more to give? I run FREE Q&A webinars, Meetups and speak at live events. If you would like to be kept informed, complete this form and we can continue the conversation.

A Collection Of Engaging Short Talks Designed To Change The Way You See Yourself And The World

I say short talks but with a curious, self-expressed audience any one talk could last for hours. I’m still working on much of the content for most of the talks but here is a flavour of what is available.

Mike’s Freedom Talks

Ready to Deliver

The 0th Freedom: Eliminating Stress, Worry & Doubt – Making Life Simple

Message: Embrace the challenges & create great models to overcome them

The 1st Freedom: Happiness Isn’t What & How (It’s Knowing & Being)

Message: You are your beliefs & they are mutable

Proposed / In Development

The 2nd Freedom: The Three Practices of Health, Fitness & Longevity

Message: Your health is 100% in your hands

The 3rd Freedom: The Perfect Relationship Isn’t About Luck

Message: You can have the perfect romantic relationship

The 4th Freedom: Live A Life Of Meaning Or Die Trying

Message: Finding your life’s purpose is a win for everyone

The 5th Freedom: Freedom From Your Fictional Past

Message: You made yourself. You can re-make yourself

The 6th Freedom: Being Excited About An Uncertain Future

Message: Competition is scary. Creation is fun!

The 7th Freedom: Entrepreneurial Freedom – Unicorns & Exponential Organisations

Message: If wealth is a goal of yours, the rules have changed, you can achieve more in less time than ever before in history

The 8th Freedom: Sovereignty – Freedom From The State

Message: Change one nonsensical belief and you are free

The 9th Freedom: 21st Century Slavery – Their Money System

Message: Don’t be against anything, simply invent a new system, that makes the old system redundant

The 10th Freedom: New Money & Distributed Encrypted Public Ledgers

Message: Blockchain tech is here to stay, so embrace it. It’s a good thing

The 11th Freedom: Online Security & Anonymity

Message: It’s no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. If you don’t plan to ‘fit in’, stand out safely


If you have access to a reasonably educated, open-minded, self-expressed group of freedom seekers and would like me to deliver any of the above talks in London or the South-East of the UK, please reach out to me.