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We are what we think. Our thinking is influenced by what we allow into our minds. Treat your mind as a sacred place. Fill it with works that inspire you. Start with the biographies of the people you respect, both historic and present day. Limit or eliminate any sources of information that pollute your mind: all mainstream media, horror movies, gossip magazines, TV soaps and so-called ‘reality TV’.

Eliminate toxins and eat real food* to maximize good brain function and energy flow. Exercise your brain with puzzles. There are two kinds of puzzles; entertainment puzzles like sudoku and real-life puzzles like ‘how do I create more value in the world?’ Always be learning something new; how to be a better partner, parent, investor, teacher, leader or a new language.

* Real food = Unprocessed & organic


All feelings are real and undeniable. Accept them and let them be. Feelings are born out of your thoughts. Control your thoughts, not your feelings. There are no good feelings or bad feelings, there are only feelings. Embrace them all. Life without them would be dull. Understand that your feelings are the driver behind all creation and accomplishment. Revel in your feelings. Develop your feelings. Encourage your feelings. Always focus on being as happy as you can all the time (via your thoughts). Feelings have to be fueled or they dissipate. So only fuel the feelings that make you happy.

All powerful feelings can be used to create: anger, rage, hate, desire, passion, love are all very powerful. When you experience them, focus on the outcome you’re working towards and how it will make you feel when you have accomplished it.

The mind-body connection:

Words ↔ Thoughts ↔ Feelings ↔ Posture


All belief is manufactured in your mind. No one can make you believe. It’s an internal process. You can program yourself with any belief you want. Once a belief has been successfully embedded in your unconscious it will eventually express itself in some physical manifestation. This is the process by which everything in the physical world is created.

Part 2: Inner World Concepts