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I monitor LinkedIn messenger but I am otherwise quite inactive on other social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ & Twitter (see video below) although that will inevitably change soon. If your enquiry is business to business in nature (Speaking, MC, JV, etc) please use this B2B Enquiry Form.

I also recommend the secure messaging app Wire which supports text, voice and video on both mobile and desktop. It’s better than WhatsApp & Skype combined and far more secure.

I have never been into social media. I have only ever recognised it as a marketing tool. It really helps to be a recluse. Now I feel a little like the guy in The Day of The Triffids movie who wakes up in hospital, removes his bandages and soon discovers he’s one of the few people who can see because he was temporarily blind when the strange lights in the sky blinded most of mankind.

If You Use Social Media, YOU NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH!
Mark Zuckerberg’s Testimony [6:57]
Originally published on Youtube by Be Inspired (since removed & re-sourced)

Needless to say, I do not have the Facebook App on either of my phones. Both my phones are Android, have always-on VPN and my work phone has an absolute minimum of apps installed. I use trusted open source apps wherever possible. As a general rule, I trust people and small businesses with great customer service. Corporations by design are sociopathic and it requires a CEO of great moral fortitude to sail an ethical course.