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In January 2018, I returned from a seminar in The Bahamas, crystal clear about a question that I had been pondering for most of my half-century of life. The question was, “What is my life about?” The answer requires a whole website, and probably more to fully express. I hope you find something here that resonates with you.


“Life is incredibly simple. Any time it doesn’t occur that way, you have either added a lie, or forgotten a truth.”

Vital Stats

  • Born in the home counties of England in 1968. Raised and educated in the UK.
  • Father; a general practitioner of medicine (GP). Mother; became a psychologist. Younger sister; became a psychologist, married with two genius children.
  • Highest level of formal education: BSc from the Open University, UK (also attended UCL and University of Sussex, UK).
  • Lived in: UK, Australia, China & Panama. Visited more than 20 countries.
  • Married once, to Amy Freeman, 2009 to present.
  • Plenty of study and experience, but no career.
  • Stopped following mainstream media in the early 1990’s.

Greatest Successes

• Being happy every day • Being constantly grateful for everything I have • Never being ill • Finding Amy 5 days after committing to the task • Marrying Amy within 2 months of meeting her • Building such an incredible relationship with Amy • Choosing what the rest of my life is about • Choosing my own path through life • 50 years of failure with no loss of enthusiasm • Developing a philosophy which has all but eliminated stress worry and doubt from my everyday life • Freeing myself from a materialistic need for things • Learning the true value of my time and energy • Making a crazy investment which now looks destined to make Amy and I multi-millionaires (at some point in the next few years).

Core Values

• Authenticity: saying it how it is, not wearing any masks • Integrity: Being true to yourself and doing what you said you would do • Responsibility: Owning all the results you produce in life, especially the ones you would have prefered came out differently • Focus: I have finally come to see focus as another core value. I cannot express the importance of expending one’s energy in just one cause, one direction at a time. To do otherwise is both self-defeating and a crime against society (of which I have been guilty most of my life).


A world that works for everyone. School leavers aspire to join apprenticeships, become linchpins, specialists, thought leaders, experts and entrepreneurs. Everyone is motivated by the opportunity to create value and inspire others. Consumers favour authentic, transparent and ethical vendors and vote with their wallets. Life ceases to be about competition and survival. People and societies embrace diversity, creativity and co-operation. A new bread of ethical value driven entrepreneurs are recognised as society’s most valued leaders and value creators.


To liberate, empower and support people looking to be part of the solution to become authentic leaders and entrepreneurs that create genuine value and inspire others to reach new heights.

My Life’s Roadmap

• Speaking | Training | Publishing | Promoting

This is where I am now. I’m already speaking at events. I plan to host my own FREE Q&A webinars very soon. I’m over half way through getting my 1st book published.

• Building Community & Trust

The plan is to build a tribe of value creators with a common set of values trying to overcome a common set of challenges. The initial target market is likely to be people who know there is more to life, want more from life, know they have more to offer but perhaps lack the confidence or the focus to commit to a single course of action. I will solve these challenges and much more with an offer that will knock peoples’ socks off and at a price point, anyone can afford.

• Raising Awareness | Liberating | Stimulating Thought

The real mission is to raise awareness of the real challenges and the bigger picture and how everyone one can and already does make a difference. It’s a binary problem. You are either part of the solution, or you are part of the problem. The more understanding people have, the less they contribute to the problem.

• Enlightenment | Self-Transendance

For those that are willing to take the necessary action, they become part of the solution. I don’t pretend to be qualified to take people all the way here. I think at this level, it becomes a personal journey. As the character Morpheus put it from the movie ‘The Matrix’, “I can only show you the door, you have to go through it.”

Speaker Bio

Mike claims one of the biggest factors in his success is that he hasn’t consumed any mainstream media for more than 25 years. He sums up his successes as, marrying the woman of his dreams, never being ill and eliminating stress, worry and doubt from is everyday life.

A big part of Mike’s mission in life is to give others access to their version of what he has achieved for himself.

His book, ‘7 Questions from Success: How to Break Free & Be Unstoppable’ is a blueprint for how to achieve success before you even begin. The book discusses some of the myths that imprison us, the beliefs that set us free and the 7 questions that make us unstoppable.

Mike says, we all know life has more to offer but we need to overcome the conditioning of a society that encourages mediocrity, stifles creativity and kills off free thinking.

Mike doesn’t so much give talks as have a relaxed but engaging conversation with his audience. As such, never are two talks the same. He encourages questions and is at relaxed about having his ideas challenged.